Have You Been Denied Austin, Texas Disability Benefits?

If your application for Texas disability benefits has been rejected but you believe you are unable to work, we have one word of advice: Appeal.

Appeal the initial denial of your application, and if necessary, appeal any subsequent denial of that appeal. Appealing is important for your Texas disability benefits claim because although the Social Security Administration denies two-thirds of the initial disability benefits applications they receive, more than half of claimants who appeal their denials are ultimately found disabled. This is true on the national level, and for applicants for Texas disability benefits in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, and across the state.

You will want an experienced Texas disability attorney to help with your Social Security disability appeal, for government statistics show that Social Security disability benefits are awarded far more frequently to claimants with attorneys than those handling their own claims. If you want our help, fill out the claim evaluation form to the right and we will contact you.

Meanwhile, please feel free to browse our site, which is packed with knowledgeable Social Security disability information. Below, we answer six frequently asked questions about applying for disability benefits in Austin, Texas. There are also over 100 pages of helpful articles in the library links at the bottom of this page. Or you can watch our informative videos via the links at the top of this page. Or sign up for our free e-book, Helpful Suggestions for Appealing a Denial of Benefits, or our free e-mail lessons on winning benefits at the top of the column on the right.

Applying for Austin Disability Benefits: An Experienced Texas Social Security Attorney Answers Six Common Questions

  1. Should I apply for Texas disability benefits? If your medical condition (a) is severe, (b) limits your daily activities, (c) has lasted or is expected to last more than one year, and (d) your doctor agrees with this assessment, you are likely to receive Texas disability benefits, and you should apply.
  2. How important are medical records to my Texas Social Security disability claim? Extremely important. The Social Security Administration mostly cares about what you can prove, and if there are no medical records to help prove your disability, you are unlikely to succeed in your claim. The Social Security Administration believes that if your medical condition is truly so severe that you cannot work, it should also be severe enough to justify medical examinations and treatment.
  3. Do I have to follow my doctor’s prescribed treatment? The Social Security Administration expects you to follow your doctor’s treatment, and failure to do so will hurt your chances of receiving Texas disability benefits. If you don’t think that the treatment your doctor recommends will help, have him or her document its odds of success. Also document your compliance with your doctor’s prescribed treatment, including dates of medical examinations, laboratory tests, and medicines prescribed. Keep business cards from every doctor you see and pill bottles from medicines you take. Consider keeping a diary about pain and other symptoms.
  4. What does the Social Security Administration want me to testify about: my symptoms or my diagnosis? While the Social Security Administration does consider your medical diagnosis when deciding whether you are disabled, they will rely on your doctor and your medical records to get this information. What they want to hear about from you are your symptoms, such as the severity of your pain and how long it lasts, what aggravates or relieves your pain, and whether you have other symptoms like fatigue or shortness of breath. Don’t exaggerate your symptoms in your testimony, but don’t minimize them either. Explain in detail what you can no longer do because of your condition, both in terms of physical restrictions (inability to sit for long periods, inability to bend or kneel) and in terms of what activities you can no longer perform (bathing, dressing, running errands, driving, and hobbies). For more on this subject, read How Can Details Help My Texas Disability Hearing Testimony?
  5. What factors will the Social Security Administration not consider when evaluating my Texas disability claim? There are many factors that can make it difficult to find work in Austin, Texas, but which the Social Security Administration will not take into account when evaluating your disability claim. Inability to pass a work-required physical examination, inability to find a job, thinking that you will not be hired because of your medical condition, and inability to live in Austin on the pay you would receive are some such factors.
  6. What is the most helpful advice you can give me regarding applying for Texas disability benefits? Be honest. Consistency and accuracy in your testimony will work to your credit, whereas contradictions and errors will raise questions about your truthfulness and will sink your claim faster than anything else. For more on this subject, watch our video, How to Be Persuasive at Your Social Security Disability Hearing.

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